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Movie Name : YEH DOORIYAN Genre: Romantic Drama Studio: V1 creations Release Date: 4th March, 2011 Synopsis: Plot outline Simmi (Deepshikha),35,she is independent and beautiful, she runs a dance academy for a living. she is divorced and left with 2 children to look after, the only problem is the societal pressures that ask her to remarry. She is clear that only if a man accepts her children, will she marry. Enters, a good looking model Raj(Kaishav) who joins her dance academy and also shows great fondness for her children. Overtime, they fall in love. Is love after a divorce, a crime? Is it fine to fall in love with a much younger man? Will the society accept their relationship? What about her ex husband, who is trying to reconcile their relationship? Watch Yeh Dooriyan, an interesting, romantic drama unfold all this in the month of March. Starring: Deepshikha Nagpal(Simmi), Kaishav Arora (Raj),Inder Kumar (Aditya), Kunicka lal (Raj's mom), Ayub Khan (Abhay), Chitrashi Rawat (Niki), Delnaz Paul (Bobby), Achint Kaur (Pammi), Rajesh Kehra (Vishal) Directed By: Deepshikha Nagpal Written By: Deepshikha Nagpal Screenplay By: Deepshikha Nagpal Produced By: Deepshikha Nagpal

Delnaz Paul

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