Top 26 Hot Men (Part 2).wmv


The second part! Part 1: I said it on the video but I repeat: Maybe they're not exactly hot but are attractive, and of course, that's my opinion. So: I like them and i hope you too. Enjoy! And comment please, who do your like most or who you could agree... everything you want. Thanks! List of Celebs on the video (alphabetically): 1. Andrew Stetson 2. Cam Gigandet 3. Colin Farrell 4. Eric Bana 5. Edward Norton 6. Heath Ledger 7. Jason Statham 8. Jackson Rathbone 9. Jensen Ackles 10. Josh Duhamel 11. Kellan Lutz 12. Mark Wahlberg 13. Matt Damon 14. Matthew Fox 15. Matt Lanter 16. Neil Patrick Harris 17. Peter Facinelli 18. Robert Pattinson 19. Sendhil Ramamurthy 20. Simon Rex 21. Shia LaBeouf 22. Tiziano Ferro 23. Travis Fimmel 24. Thomas Beaudoin 25. Viggo Mortensen 26. Zachary Quinto

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Abhay Deol's girlfriend shoots a hot scene

  Abhay Deol's girlfriend Preti Desai has shot a hot scene with her co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy for her debut film, ‘Shor In The City’. The actress shot the scene twice. First, the scene lacks passion and closeness but the second time, it was shot a