The Realms [AGATB]


This video is the one I am most proud of - the transitions finally worked out, the pictures I chose really do reflect my opinions, and I love the music - I hope you enjoy it too! Song: Woad to Ruin *shortened for time* from the King Arthur soundtrack by Hans Zimmer - all rights reserved to him and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Pictures: I googled them, so I'm not sure who they ALL belong to, but NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT WAS INTENDED. I own nothing. *color editing for Philon, Neela, and the Well of Eternity done by me in Adobe Photoshop* Philon: Natalia Tena *she already had the purple hair as Tonks (Harry Potter), so I took it the rest of the way.* Neela: Clemense Poesy *Fleur from Harry Potter - this picture was perfect for 'blending' the background, to depict how Neela is a shape shifter.* Asha: Isabella Rossellini *the scar makeup from Merlin was perfect for Asha* Amar: Sendhil Ramamurthy Huntress: Keira Knightley Pippa: Emmy Rossum Felicity: Romola Garai Circe: Rachel Weisz *I wanted to keep the cast from my previous AGATB vid the same* *I do not own the Gemma Doyle Trilogy - all rights reserved to Libba Bray and Delacorte Press*

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Abhay Deol's girlfriend shoots a hot scene

  Abhay Deol's girlfriend Preti Desai has shot a hot scene with her co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy for her debut film, ‘Shor In The City’. The actress shot the scene twice. First, the scene lacks passion and closeness but the second time, it was shot a