Rajni's True Identity Scene - Nagina


www.sridevi.biz I still cannot forget how people started clapping hysterically during this scene in the cinema and all the other transformation scenes that followed... I have never experienced this before. This is a scene I can never forget. It is with this particular scene that made audience feel the magic of the been (the music). The way Sridevi has played the nagin (snake) character in this movie is completely unmatched. Not anyone before her has done so perfectly and until date nobody after her could play such a role with perfection and I doubt if anyone would be able to give such a performance in the future and that is what makes Nagina a very close movie to my heart always. In this scene Sri does not have to say a single word. All the dialogue is done by Amrish Puri and Sushma Seth, but the real magic starts when the been starts playing. The way she reveals herself from behind the wall is just amazing and adds up to the overall suspense the movie demands. She gives a fully precise facial features that makes you believe that what you are watching is a real snake that was hidden behind the wall and started revealing itself. The blue contacts and the snake picture both added the effect too but they are not what I'm referring to here. What I'm referring to is the way her eyes are looking, the way she moves her eyebrows and lips in sync with the music giving a very sharp facial expression as the snake that is appearing next to her. And as always with this lady she is not ...

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