Merlin tribute- Kings and Queens


Finally this video is up!! Ive been trying to upload it for a week but my Internet connection was basicly out all the time.:P Anyways some of you may have seen the shorter version last week, but I decided since Im only doing a vid for this song once, then I should make most of the song.. And I really wanted to add the sword in the stone scenes:PI think this video is my favourite from the ones I have done, so I hope you enjoy!!!:) I recommend to watch it in better quality because the clips change quite fast and the video look so much better!!

alice patten

Top 5 foreign actresses worked in Bollywood

From last decade, Indian film industry has seen a flood of foreign actress making their way into films. Nothing seems to be stopping them then be it the language, the culture difference or the climatic conditions. As a matter of fact these foreign faces gives a film an edge over others films, co