Kahani Chandrakanta Ki - : 10/13/11


Pandit Jaggannath consoles Rajkumari Kishori and says that she should not scared of anyone till he is alive.....In jungle Somnath and Changez Khan comes across to Mad man Suraj Singh who tells them that Rajkumari Kishori went Back to Shivagrh with Pandit Jaggannath and Bhawani Singh is sent to jail.... They get shocked..... He also takes them to the place where Sandhya is found dead..... While on his way towards Shivgarh Yuvraj Indrajeet Singh comes across Tej Singh who confronts with Yuvraj Indrajeet and tries to stop him..... They are at the verge of fight and that very moment Maan Singh and Yuvraj Anand Singh arrives and stop them to do so.... They also manage to convince Yuvraj Indrajeet singh to go back to Vijaygarh....

Vindu Dara Singh

Celebs at Vindu Dara Singh’s mother’s prayer meet

Dara Singh's mother Surjit Kaur Randhawa at Andheri in Mumbai and it was attended by noted Bollywood celebrities. Pooja Bedi, Gautam Gulati, Dolly Bindra, Kunal Kapoor, Sajid Nadiadwala were among others who attended the prayer meet of Surjit Kaur Randhawa, who passed away on after battling cance

Ex-wife Farah Naaz attends Vindu’s mother funeral

Vindu Dara Singh’s mother passed away due to cancer on Tuesday early morning and the funeral was attended by close relatives and friends of the deceased’s family. The funeral was also attended by Vindu’s ex-wife Farah Naaz.

Vindu Dara Singh’s mother passes away

Late wrestler-turned-actor Dara Singh’s wife Surjit Kaur Randhawa and mother of Vindu Dara Singh passed away after battling against cancer for 9 long years. She was 72. Surjit was Dara’s second wife and Vindu’s mothe