Heroes Cast - Hallelujah


2nd Place in "Cast Video Contest - OTH/GG/Heroes/GreysAnatomy" by mary120 (Heroes category): www.youtube.com A music video about most of the characters in the Tv-Show, Heroes. This video shows some of the sad moments in Heroes and also a lot of relationships: Matt/Molly (Friends) Micah/Monica (Friends) Isaac/Simone/Peter (Love Triangle) Mohinder/Eden (Lovers) Peter/Elle (Pelle) (Lovers) DL/Niki/Micah (Family) Kensei/Yaeko/Hirto (Love Triangle) Noah/Claire (Daughter And Dad) Nathan/Heidi (Lovers) Peter/Claire (Paire) (AU Lovers/Friends) Sylar/Maya (Lovers) Peter/Nathan (Brothers) Micah/Niki (Son And Mother) Claire/Sandra (Daughter And Mother) Brody/Claire (Lovers/Friends) Enjoy! Artist: Jeff Buckley Song: Hallelujah PLEASE, leave a comment and rate! Thanks MORE TAGS: Hiro Nakamura Masi Oka Isaac Mendez Santiago Cabrera Niki Sanders Jessica Sanders Niki/Jessica Ali Larter Molly Walker Adair Tishler Micah Sanders Noah Gran-Gabey Monica Dawson Dana Davis Simone Deveaux Tawny Cypress Mohinder Suresh Sendhil Ramamurthy Eden McCain Nora Zehetner Syler Gabriel Zachary Quinto DL DL Hawkins Leonard Roberts Takwzo Kensei Adam David Anders Yaeko Eriko Tamura Noah Bennet Mr Bennet Jack Coleman Nathan Petrelli Adrian Pasdar Heidi Petrelli Rena Sofer Sandra Bennet Ashley Crow Maya Herrer Daniz Ramirez Alejandro Herrera Shalim Ortiz Brody Mitchum Matt Lanter Molly/Matt Monica/Micah Isaac/Simone Simone/Isaac Peter/Simone Simone/Peter Eden/Mohinder Elle/Peter Niki/DL DL/Niki Kensei/Yaeko ...

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Abhay Deol's girlfriend shoots a hot scene

  Abhay Deol's girlfriend Preti Desai has shot a hot scene with her co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy for her debut film, ‘Shor In The City’. The actress shot the scene twice. First, the scene lacks passion and closeness but the second time, it was shot a