Chicks on Flicks Episode no. 51 Reviewed: Ninja Assassin, New in Town


Neha Sareen and Ira Dubey review Ninja Assassin, New in Town, The Last House On The Left, Transformers. Ninja Assassin Neha says Trash It. Awkward, formulate, melodramatic that has a wooden hero adding no value ro this B grade martial arts action flick. Ira says Trash It. What could have been an intriguing topical action packed martial arts film becomes a B grade unfocused average performed joke. New in Town Neha says Catch It. Renee and the crackling supporting support cast infuse life and charm in this subtle feel good light hearted film. Ira says Catch It. Predictable but the off beat setting and hilarious supporting cast and an infectious feel good factor make this one a light hearted film. The Last House On The Left Neha says Catch It. What starts off on a promising thrilling note ends up anti climactic. the film can't hold on to its suspense, with plot and character becoming frustratingly predictable and one note. Ira says Catch It. Often graphic and disturbing high suspense from the start giving this one a dark edge and a dream like eeriness that lingers, compelled and engages. Transformers Neha says Catch It. A rollercoster fun ride that cranks up temperature, adrenaline levels and everything action, robots special effects and even eye candy. Ira says Catch it. Adrenaline fun based style, more robots, more action, great animation and special effects and a fun ride.