Zoa Morani pens emotional note as family recovers from Covid-19

Filmmaker Karim Morani and his two daughters Zoa and Shaza Morani recovered from the deadly coronavirus. The trio after testing negative for Covid-19 was discharged from home and are currently on 14 days quarantine at home due to precautionary measure.

Zoa penned an emotional letter and thanked god as her father returned home. She wrote, “Anddddd my father got home last night, treatment over and now our entire household is COVID-19 negative!  All of us home now, healthy and in good spirits !!! A whirlwind of experience but so happy to be on the other side of it. Each one of us had a different experience with it in terms of symptoms, so for any advice, the best thing is to get in touch with a Doctor or hospital... My Father - no symptoms (9 days in hospital) Sister - headache and fever (6 days in hospital) Me - fever, fatigue, cough, chest congestion, shortness of breath and headache ( 7 days in hospital).”

“They were mild , and manageable. To sum it up in short - a flu with a strange overall feeling .. The Doctors and medical staff were fearless , positive and extremely helpful and caring ... @my_bmc @mybmchealthdept were on point with following up with us at every step , from making sure we are getting the right treatment to getting our entire building and road sanitised ! To make sure the other residents in our building are safe! And yes they are 14 days of self-isolation at home along with healthy eating, rest and vitamins has been advised. So grateful for our Government for dealing with this Pandemic hands-on,” she added further.

“Thank youuuu everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the concern and warm wishes. So grateful to be on the positive recovery side of this Pandemic. Sincere and deep prayers for the entire world and their families who got hit with the serious side of the illness ...#CovidRecovered #covid #ThankYouGod,” she concluded.