Zee Music bans Sonu Nigam over supporting AAP leader

Zee music channel banned singer Sonu Nigam for supporting AAP leader Kumar Vishwas. When Gajendra Singh, a farmer from Rajasthan committed suicide at AAP rally, Zee News covered the rally and they recoded the suicide episode and from among the crowd one was heard saying 'latak gaya' (he has hung himself). Later, when the recorded voice was studied, it is found that the callous comment was made by AAP leader Kumar Vishwas.

When the farmer committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree at AAP rally, Vishwas was saying off the mic 'latak gaya?'.

Irked with Sonu’s kind gesture towards AAP leader, the Zee music network replaced Sonu Nigam with some other singers in the upcoming films.

Here are series of tweets made by the singer:-

#I am far from politics but I feel this truth should come out for the sake of my poet friend Kumar Vishwas.  

#So now Zee announces a ban on me. :) What do I say.. God bless everyone.

#Wonder should it not be illegal to ban someone on the pretext of nothing in a democracy? Influencing others to not work with an individual.

#Well legal or illegal, one thing's for sure.  Banning someone, is definitely unGodly.

#I Am Grateful for all your support. I would wanna believe that the negativity wouldn't last too long.