Zayed Khan readies for his shaadi

Malaika Parekh and <a href='//' title='Zayed Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='zayed-khan' id='article_tag_data_zayed-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Zayed Khan</strong></a>In two months’ time, Zayed Khan will marry the woman of his dreams, Malaika Parekh. The sangeet ceremony will take place on November 19, followed by the wedding on November 20, and a family party at his father’s Golden Palms Resort and Spa in Bangalore (where Hrithik Roshan married Suzzane).
Zayed talks to hitList about marriage, Malaika and his blooming career
What will you wear for the wedding?
I haven’t decided which designer will design my wedding outfit. I am in talks with many of them. I will be wearing the traditional sherwani. My sangeet will be rocking and my wedding will be completely traditional. I am having the wedding and reception at the Grand Maratha Sheraton and the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai.
After that, we will have a little party with our close family, about 60 people, at the Golden Palms Resort and Spa in Bangalore. I am not really involved in the wedding preparations – I don’t have the patience to sit through stuff like décor and food. My mom and Malaika are handling that. Once I went to a food trial and got really bored.

Two months away from marriage, how do you feel?
I am excited, scared, anxious, nervous, tense (laughs). But yes, I am very happy that I am getting married to Malaika, who has been with me through thick and thin for 10 years.
We have seen a lot together – very traumatic things – situations where we thought we might never come back together again. I am extremely lucky to have her in my life. Malaika knows how to handle me. I am literally a puppy dog with her.

Is it painful to give up bachelorhood?
I have never seen it as bachelorhood, because I have been involved with Malaika for such a long time. I was involved with her even before coming into films. I met her on Flag Day at Kodaikanal International School (at 11.34 am), ten years ago.
The minute she turned around, I knew she was the one for me. I met the woman who was in my imagination and I fell in love. I always had a person inside my mind who looked like Malaika, whom I had fallen in love with five years before I met her.

Did she feel the same way?
No, she didn’t know. She made me run around and gave me a really hard time for four months. Malaika wasn’t easy to get. I had this barrage of relationships before that, when I was hardly 16. I had a reputation for dating blondes in my school, and maybe she didn’t like that!

Three things you love about Malaika?
Her blatant honesty, her unconditional love for me, even I am angry or irritated or not getting something right.
She gives me calm and understands me in a way that nobody does. She knows exactly what to do in a way that would get my spirits up again. She’s extremely tolerant. Malaika is my guardian angel.

Hasn’t she been affected by rumours of your link-ups, especially with Esha?
No. She understands that the media is always looking for subjects. When I am working with my co-star, everything else goes out of focus and I am truly in love with that person. I know the more I love the person, the more she will love me back. It’s about having a good relationship with your co-star. Malaika understands that very well.

Malaika is calm, but you seem to get into fights all the time...
I must blame my genes on that. I am just a very straight guy and I don’t get into trouble by creating trouble. I have tried stepping aside, but when it goes to the level of touching somebody, that triggers me off. I give the person a lot of space, but people just needle you, so I don’t mind teaching the guy a lesson.
If you are celebrity, you try to overlook the situation. Out of the 100 times I could have fought, I have shown my impulse only twice. And I am paying for it.

Courtesy: Mid-Day