Zarina Wahab looked after Kangana like her own daughter

Kangana Ranaut’s shocking revelation in her recent talk show has shaken the Pancholi’s family and they have decided to take legal action against the ‘Queen’ actress. Aditya highly slammed Kangana and even called her a mad girl. In the talk show, Kangana opened up about how Aditya Pancholi tortured her, kept her under house arrest.

Kangana also said that when she went to Zarina Wahab for help, she refused to help her.

However, a close friend of Zarina and Aditya Pancholi said that all the allegations of Kangana Ranaut are false and she further said that Kangana never went to Zarina with such a request.

Moreover, Zarina’s friend revealed, “The fact is that Zarina took Kangana under her wings when she was new to Mumbai and looked after her like her own daughter. She gave her the keys of a spare apartment. Kangana walked away with Zarina’s husband in return. This is the gratitude she gets. And now Kangana is making up conversations that never happened”. 

Aditya Pancholi’s actor son Sooraj Pancholi also opened up on his father’s extra-marital affair with Kangana and he was full of pain.

The ‘Hero’ actors said, "I wouldn't like to speak anything about her and you know why."

When Sooraj was asked how old was he when Kangana and Aditya got up close and personal, we asked? "I must have been 14-15," he replied.

He was too young to understand the relationship, Aditya Pancholi replied, "I didn't have the samajh, but my mom (Zarina Wahab) definitely did. And it was definitely not a good time."