Yuvraj Singh wanted me to have a baby, Akanksha Sharma

The former Bigg Boss contestant and Yuvraj Singh’s ex sister-in-law, Akanksha Sharma’s fight with her in-laws and brother-in-law Yuvraj Singh in never ending. Akanksha has filed domestic violence case against the Singh family and revealed some more details about Yuvi and his family.

During a conversation, Akanksha Sharma said that Yuvraj Singh and her mother wanted a child from Zoravar but she was not ready as her marriage with her husband was not going smooth.

According to Akanksha, she was forced to have a baby from Zoravar.

She said, “The atmosphere in that house was pretty stifling. 'Ab shaadi ho gayi hai, toh bachcha ho jana chahiye'. How do you deal with a thought process like that? It was like I had no right to refuse having a baby”.

Akanksha desperately want a divorce from Zoravar, “I have interacted with men and gone out for lunch/dinner/coffee- but  haven’t got involved with anybody after my marriage broke. The wounds have not yet healed.

Lekin kuch bhi ho jaye, I will not get suppressed. I will continue to fight for justice. I want to get free from my marriage. I want a divorce from Zoravar ASAP. It has been nearly 3 years now and how much I try to put the ugly past behind me, it keeps resurfacing in my day-to-day life as most people I meet tend to drift the conversation in that direction”.

She commented on twitterati supporting Yuvraj and his family, “Of course, that was bound to happen. He is well known. But I would like to say here that being a human and being a cricketer are two different things.

People who are tweeting haven't gone through the imprisonment I underwent at my in-laws' place. I even wanted to work, but I was not allowed”.

Her lawyer Swati Singh Malik speaks out, “Shabnamji's statements against my client Akanksha Sharma smack of'damage control exercise'. Who told her that an FIR had been filed? And yes, Yuvraj is a Respondent and he is Respondent No.3. These are terms used in the legal system, but that does not mean Yuvraj did not tell my client to have a baby or that she should listen to his mom if she wants to keep staying in their house. Akanksha was subjected to emtional harrassment and mental cruelty. Just because Yuvraj is a big name does not mean that he is above the law. And mind you, the case of Domestic Violence by Akanksha was filed only after the District Protection Officer had verified it  from the victim”.