Yuvraj Singh dating Vivek Oberoi’s ex-girlfriend

After Vivek Oberoi has been dumped by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, he has not been able to get the perfect match for him in spite of dating a few numbers. One of his girlfriends was Grace who is a professional surfing trainer and brand ambassador for sportswear manufacturer, Billabong. News is doing the rounds that cricketer Yuvraj Singh is now dating Grace. Vivek Oberoi spotted them in Goa.

Grace hailed from South Africa and she met Vivek last year during the shooting of Prince of Thieves in SA. Grace fell for Vivek and wanted a commitment. "She was asking for a commitment. She loved him and wanted a marriage but VO felt he wasn't ready or as emotionally involved as her. She left South Africa (where she lives) to be with Vivek and was willing to change her lifestyle for him. But VO wasn't looking for a serious relationship then so they parted ways," adds the source.

Getting no positive response from Vivek, Grace moved on, "Yuvraj was seen last week in Goa with friends but was seen being very protective about Grace. He was seen introducing her. Apparently, Yuvi has even introduced her to his mother and she dotes on Yuvraj's girlfriend. Their family astrologer says the girl will bring good luck to Yuvi's cricketing career," says the source.

Reveals the source, "Yuvi and Grace were partying  at a night club when they met Vivek. When VO came to know that the two were planning to tie the knot, he wished them well. After that, Grace spoke to Vivek a couple of times."

However, Yuvraj Singh's manager, Ambika Chauhan says, "It's not true that Yuvraj and Grace are dating each other. We were all hanging out in a group -- Bunty Sajdeh (Ambika's husband), Grace and Yuvi along with a few others. Yuvraj and Grace are just good friends.