Yuvraj Singh avoids ex-flame Kim Sharma

The Indian nation is interested in only two things, cricket and Bollywood. These two are the most glamorized professions of the country. No wonder then that the love story unfolding between a cricketer and Bollywood beauty will always catch the fancy of the nation. We do have our examples of such couples such as Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore and more recently Azharuddin and Sangita Bijlani. It seems we adore the coming together of the two worlds.

Therefore, the interests were high and media coverage was generous about the love affair between beautiful Kim Sharma and dashing Yuvraj Singh. Kim Sharma didn’t have a bright career in Bollywood but she was a well known face. Whereas, Yuvraj Singh was at the pinnacle of his career and was performing to the tee. He was the national hero of India on the cricketing grounds.

However, this was not a love story meant to last. Soon the couple broke apart and went their separate ways. In the year 2010 Kim got married to Ali Punjani, a Kenyan businessman and shifted to Nairobi. The entire marriage ceremony was kept a low key affair.

Later on the Simi Garewal’s chat show the cricketer was asked about their split, to which Yuvi replied, “At that time I was just peaking in my career. Yes, I was going to get married, as she has been the main love of my life. She is married now so it’s not good to talk about her.”

The two have been avoiding each other on any social gathering since their split up. Almost a year ago Yuvraj left a fashion show as soon as he realized that Kim was also present at the function.

Recently the two were seen in the same party. It was the 20th anniversary party of a popular TV channel at a posh hotel in Worli. The event took place on the Friday night. A person present at the bash stated “There were hushed whispers when people realized that Kim and Yuvi were there. But both just kept to themselves. Though Kim appeared to be alert and looking in all directions, Yuvi preferred to stick in a corner with Sushmita Sen who was with her gang of pals. He was seen constantly clicking snapshots with his mobile with select Bollywood folks in his own zone.”

The person farther added “Kim was spotted at a social do after a while. Though she was moving around at the venue, she made sure that she did not come in seeing distance of Yuvraj.”