"You know what, f**k you man”: Arjun Kapoor slams website for shaming Janhvi

Bollywood actor and protective step-brother of Jahnvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor lost his cool when a website posted unpleasant remark about Janhvi Kapoor.

The picture of Janvi was clicked when she dropped by Arjun Kapoor's residence with sister Khushi Kapoor and father Boney Kapoor on Wednesday night

In an article posted by the portal commented on Jahnvi’s lacy outfit, calling them "sexy" and "revealing" in nature.

Highly enraged Arjun lashes out at the website calling "shameful" gaze on women.

He wrote# "You know what, f**k you man, f**k you as a website for highlighting or bringing it to anyone's attention.

And it's shameful that your eye would go searching for something like this, shame on you.

This is how our country looks at young women.

Yet another shining example. Ashamed by this." he wrote.

After Sridevi’s death, Arjun Kapoor stood by his father and half-sisters as a strong pillar.