Yes. I shot for it, but I was not nude: Sanjjanaa reveals

Sanjjanaa Galrani, who hogged the limelight for her deleted nude scene shot for the film, ‘Dandupalya 2’ opened up about the viral video. Sanjjanaa accepted that she has shot for the scene but she was not totally nude.

Talking about the viral video, Sanjjanaa Galrani said, "Yes. I shot for it, but I was not nude. I have pictures that show my body parts covered up with a towel that were clicked in my caravan. What is eventually seen in the film is the result of computer colour grading, which was made to show the scene in that fashion. My character, Chandri, is a victim of sexual abuse in this scene, so this was meant to showcase that. I am appalled at how the scene has been circulated by people and has been shown repeatedly on media platforms. It shocks me that people want to share content like this among themselves."

Sanjjanaa says the scene could have been shot aesthetically but there was a fault in the making, the actress said, "I knew I was shooting a bold scene and that it would be 'sensational' in terms of how the word is used in the industry. As actors, we are fully aware of what is being shot, but we have no control on how it is being picturized. I thought it would be shot aesthetically, but the way it has been picturized is downright vulgar. The fault is in the making. It might have been shot like that keeping the mass audience in mind."

The actress and her team is worried about to restrict the video from circulating all over as it is already viral on whatsaap, she said,  "The scene is not even in the film, so the question about who leaked it is obviously restricted to the core team. If it was uploaded through a computer, we could have tracked the source. This has gone viral on Whatsapp first, and that is making it difficult to track the source. I have a team working on removing all links and related content that has been appearing online," says Sanjjanaa, adding, "My family is in a state of panic, but they are, of course, being supportive and standing by me."

'Dandupalya 2' is a sequel to 2012 movie Dandupalya and revolves around a criminal gang from Dandupalya, a place near Hoskote in Bengaluru.  'Dandupalya 3' is set for August release.

The film also stars Pooja Gandhi, Makarand Deshpande and Prakash Raj.