Yash Raj Films in a tight spot

Yash Raj Films is known to be one of the oldest and most prestigious production houses in bollywood. The production house has always been associated with quality films and has delivered many hits till date. However recently the production house seems to be going through a lean phase where their films Tara Rum Pum received a luke warm response and even Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was a quite a dud at the box-office. The quality of their films seems to have suddenly dipped. And there only seems to be more problems in store for the production house. Recently the promos of Chak De India, another Yash Raj film starring SRK was pulled out from theaters as it was supposedly not receiving the desired public response. Now it seems a new problem has cropped up and according to sources the final edited copy of Chak De India has been lost in a hard disk crash at Yash Raj Studios.
Chak De India which stars Shahrukh Khan essaying the role of hockey coach to a girls team was due to release on August 10. All the final editing and last minute changes were completed and stored on the hard disk at the plush Yash Raj studios. Unfortunately sources claim the final edited version of Chak De India has been lost in a hard disk crash. Apparently Yash Raj studios have their own in-house editing team that works on their films. All post production touches are done at the Yash Raj studios itself and by their own technicians. No outsiders are allowed to handle the film nor is it sent outside the studios at any point of time. Though the technicians tried their level best to retrieve the final edited copy, it seems they have not had much luck and hence are trying to put together a new edited copy.

Well this will no doubt involve a lot of hard work and will also take a lot of time. Yash Raj Films does not have a lot of time, but they have sought help from SRK’s Red Chillies production house as they feel they can only trust Shahrukh to help them at this point. Shahrukh on his part too is being fully co-operative and trying to help Yash Raj Films in any way that he can. Yash Raj Films though prefers to deal with the problem privately and hence have not confirmed the issue.

Well it seems Yash Raj Films is facing another dilemma of a different kind with its other release slated for this year, Laga Chunari Mein Daag. This film stars Rani Mukherjee and a major portion of the film has already been shot. However now Yash Raj Films is wondering whether certain aspects of the film may go down well with the audiences. The basic plot revolves around Rani who hails from a middle-class family but later due to certain circumstances she turns to prostitution as a helpless means. Yash Raj Films now feels this concept may not be appreciated by the conservative family audiences that they often target. However since a major portion of the film has already been shot, there really seems to be nothing that the makers can do short of changing the entire script which hardly seems possible at this stage. Nonetheless the film’s creative team is still trying to find ways to make the subject more palatable for conservative audiences. Laga Chunari Mein Daag is slated for a September release. With the recent spate of flops and the current problems, Yash Raj Films surely seems to be in tight spot and needs to pull up their socks soon.