Yash Raj film’s Chak De India facing problems

Yash Raj Films having been facing various problems this year. Their films which have released this year like Tara Rum Pum, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom etc have flopped at the box-office. Now it seems their soon to be released films like Chak De India and Lagaa Chunari Mein Daag are also undergoing problems . Every time there seems to be new problems that crop up, the recent one is for their film Chak De India and involves differences between the lead star Shahrukh Khan and the director Shimit Amin. Another problem is that the Women’s Hockey Association has demanded that they be shown the film prior to its release and have also warned Yash Raj Films that they will take action against them if the women’s hockey team have been portrayed in a bad light.
Shahrukh Khan takes a keen interest in all the films that he does, he also takes active part in the post-production details of his films. According to sources Shahrukh Khan and director of Chak De India, Shimit Amin had differences as soon as they began shooting for the film. However these differences were minor and hence brushed away. But a major difference arose during the post production of the film when director Shimit approved the earlier promos of Chak De India which was screened with Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Apparently SRK was not satisfied with the earlier promos as he felt that it was not up to the mark. Nonetheless the promos were released but after it received a poor response from audiences, they were immediately pulled out. Now the new promos will soon be aired. However the Yash Raj spokesperson denies that there were any earlier promos, she says “There were no pulling out of any promos. We had a music video for the film along with Jhoom. There will now be one promo along with Partner and a new music video on television.”

Chak De’s other problem is the Women’s Hockey Association who have been demanding a screening of the film prior to its release. President of the Women’s Hockey Association of India, Vidya Stoke says “We want to see the movie before its release. Yash Chopra sought help from us and we were more than happy to help them thinking that it would create awareness about the sport in the country. They took a lot of inputs from us.” The film is based on a girl’s hockey team and Vidya claims “we need to have an idea about how they have portrayed women’s hockey in the film. If they are portraying us in a bad light, we are going to take serious action against them.”

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