Yash Raj film ‘Fanaa’ shrouded in controversy

Fanaa, a Yash Raj production stars Aamir Khan and Kajol Devgan. The film is eagerly anticipated and the music of the film which is already out, has been receiving good reviews. But recently it has been reported that some music channels have refused to air the Fanaa trailers and have even gone as far as to ban the trailers.
The head of the music channels claim that they decided to ban the trailers, as Yash Raj Films had reportedly asked for money for showcasing the promos of the film. However, director of the film, Kunal Kohli stated, “Yash Raj has never done that. It’s not true. In fact the music is already out and none of the channels had any issues with anything.” Unfortunately none of the music channel heads were willing to go on record regarding the clarification of the issue. But people associated with the film and people from the Yash Raj camp declared these accusations to be false and completely baseless.

Vijay Kumar, the head of Yash Raj music stated, “There are no issues with any music channels. None of them have banned the trailers. These are just baseless rumours. Rather the sales chart clarifies that the music is a hit. These are all fake stories. Yash Raj has never asked for money for showing its music promos.”

Yash Raj banner is looked upon as one of the most talented and respected houses in the film industry. They have delivered some excellent films in the last decade. Some sources say that this is the work of those who would like to tarnish the image of this reputed banner, while others claim it could very well be the work of insiders from the Yash Raj camp who have begun these rumours so as to give the film some added publicity before its release, which is to take place in May 2006.