‘Yaariyan’ actress Rakul Preet detained at the airport

The newly released ‘Yaariyan’ actress Rakul Preet was detained at the Delhi airport while she was traveling to Mumbai. While going through the security check, her hand baggage signaled a suspicious metallic object. On scrutiny, the suspicious object found to be a bullet. Finding the bullet in her bag, she was asked to step aside.

Rakul Preet was questioned for hours about the bullet. Rakul was as surprised as the CISF officers on discovering the 8mm bullet in her bag. She did not know how it came on her bag. Later, it was found that it is a dummy bullet. At first Rakul thought that the bullet might belong to her father who is an army officer. When she called him, he denied. But he clarified that such bullets are not even used in India.

The tension intensified and it raised alarm. When it was discovered that the pistol is dummy the actress recalled that she might have used the dummy bullet while shooting for a Tamil film months back and she unknowingly put it in her bag for safety.

"It's when I started really jogging my brain that I remembered that the bullet was from one of my shoots. In one of my Tamil films, I had used a revolver and it was a toy bullet from that. I had taken it as a keepsake and it had been in my bag for over eight months. But I was so shaken by then that I didn't know how to react. The bullet was all plastic inside. After that the cops let me go and told me to send them a DVD of the film in which I had used it," Times of India quotes her as narrating the incident.

The police then asked the actress to send them the DVD of the film as soon as possible to crosscheck the fact. After thorough investigation, Rakul Preet was released.