World Breastfeeding Week: Kalki Koechlin holds daughter Sappho

New mommy Kalki Koechlin celebrates World Breastfeeding Week by sharing an adorable picture with daughter Sappho.

After completing "six months of exclusive breastfeeding," the actress shared, "6 months of exclusive breastfeeding today! Phew *brow wipe* Happy breastfeeding week to all those who've trudged through this rough and beautiful road." Kalki also added hashtags such as #breastfeedingweek, #breastfeedingmom, #bondingtime, #24sevenmilkbar and #hanginthere. In the picture, Kalki can be seen holding her little princess in her arms.

In an interview with Indian Express, Kalki opened up how she spend lockdown, “Being a mother, feeding my baby six times a day and changing diapers – that takes most of my day. Apart from that, I am homeschooling my younger brother. So, I am a mother, teacher and the list goes on. We also adopted a cat. She just had two little kittens. So, we feed them every day. This is the time when we all have to look after each other and be kind to each other as much as possible.

She talked about his motherhood journey, “It has been tough yet exciting and beautiful. I don’t think people talk enough about the tough part. There is no sleep for the first month. Also, no matter how much you try, nothing is going to prepare you on how to handle this small, vulnerable creature. You are full of anxiety and in every two hours, you wake up to keep a check on her, to know if she is okay and breathing. So, yeah, it is full of anxiety and worry.

Also, you learn a lot. You get poop all over you (laughs). But there are wonderful parts of motherhood too, like when she smiles. You kind of remember where life begins and how you learn what you learn, which is so beautiful. It reminds us of what is important”.

The ’Dev D’ actress quipped as how motherhood changed her, “I am definitely more patient. I have never been this patient before. You just have to be in the moment; I am learning that. Also, learning to let go off things I cannot control, asking for help knowing everything cannot be done on our own. It’s a job that helps you to understand how much you are part of a bigger picture. It helps you understand nature.

It is one of the best phases of my life. I am thankful for it and for the fact that Sappho is here, during the lockdown, brightening up our days”.