Woman who accused Karan Oberoi of rape arrested

The woman who accused actor and model Karan Oberoi of rape and extortion was arrested by Mumbai police on Monday. The woman in her complaint alleged that she attacked by two men on a motorbike on May 25 while she was on her way for work. She alleged that the men slashed her with a knife and threatened to throw acid on her unless she withdraws the case against Karan in which she alleged that the actor raped her on pretext of marring her and extorted money from her.

Working on her complaint, police arrested two men and it was found that they were related to the woman’s lawyer Ali Kashif Khan and that they were allegedly paid for orchestrating an attack on her to defame Karan. “We found evidence that there had been meetings between the complainant and her lawyer, in which they hatched a plan to fake an attack,” said Senior Inspector Shailesh Pasalwar. He added that one more person is wanted in connection with the case.

The woman was produced in the court yesterday.

When the actor was asked about the details about the woman, Karan replied, "We met on a dating app, where she introduced herself as a healer and astrologer. Then we shifted to WhatsApp and slowly got talking. She did not tell me that she was into witchcraft and voodoo, but I soon realised that something was amiss. She would often tell me that I am a misfit and that I needed someone like her to protect me. These conversations started making me uncomfortable, and finally, she told me that she is a Wiccan, who has been practising black magic and occult for years. She told me that she could change my destiny by giving me the power to control anyone in the industry. She also claimed that she could cause irreparable damage to anyone she wants to."

He further said, "So, a few months after meeting her, I told her that I wanted to end our association. In fact, I was so scared that I started avoiding her."

Speaking on the rape charges, the 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin' actor said, "That’s a figment of her imagination. If somebody rapes you, then you don’t text him saying, ‘Hi Sweety!’ Also, you won’t ask for sex or plead with the ‘rapist’ to answer your calls. Rape is a heinous crime and you can’t make these charges in a frivolous manner. Tell her to give the date when the rape happened. How can someone not remember the date of an incident of that magnitude? She knows that if she errs with the date, her charges will fall flat."