Witness claims Preity used harsh words against Wadia

The much published Preity Zinta – Ness Wadia case has taken another new turn. Savan Daru, a witness who was named by Ness Wadia has given his statement to the police and claimed that it was Preity Zinta who actually used harsh words against his ex-boyfriend and business partner Ness Wadia on 30th May.

After Preity Zinta had named several witnesses on her behalf, the accused Ness Wadia had also named several people who were present at the spot in Wankhede Stadium on 30th May. While Ness himself has not yet been questioned by Police, several witnesses named by him have already met with the police staff and have expressed their version of the incident which is opposite of what Preity has been claiming.

Savan Daru, a businessman by profession has given his statement to Marine Drive police, the station where Priety had lodged her complaint. A police officer close to the investigation has said, "Daru claimed in his statement that Ness had leaned towards Zinta and spoke something to her. He could not hear the conversation between the two due to loud noise around." Quoting Daru the officer also added, “However, soon after Ness walked away from there, Preity started shouting at him very loudly and used harsh words." Daru has claimed that on 30th May Ness Wadia was late in coming to the stadium and he was looking for a seat for his mother. He also told the media that few seats in the Garware pavilion where the incident allegedly took place, was empty. Therefore if someone is claiming to be a witness on virtue of sitting in those seats, he or she is probably not saying the right thing. Daru also claimed that it was Preity who got ‘aggressive’ and ‘abusive’.

Earlier this month other two witnesses named by Wadia, Farah Oomerbhoy and Pooja Dadlani also said that they were present at the Garware pavilion on 30th May and did not see any heated argument between Ness and Preity. However they did not mention anything about Preity using harsh words against Ness. On the other hand, three witnesses named by Preity, Danish Merchant, Parul Khanna and Jai Kanojia had said that a ‘heated’ argument took place between the two and during the argument, Wadia pulled’ Preity by her hand. Danish Merchant also claimed that Preity showed him her bruised hand the next day.