Wishing Ajay Devgn and Kajol a happy anniversary!

Ajay Devgn and Kajol are all prepared to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary tomorrow. The couple got married on February 24th, 1999 in a traditional Maharashtrian style wedding at Devgn's house. They have been together through ups and downs for 14 whole years and the couple certainly have everybody's well wishes on their wedding anniversary tomorrow.

But not even romance or an anniversary can stop Ajay Devgn from keeping up his professional appointments. The actor is currently in Bhopal, shooting for his new film, Satyagraha (directed by Prakash Jha). The film is going to be shot in one whole stretch, as a result of which Ajay will not be able to fly back to his Juhu house to be with his loving wife on their anniversary. But Kajol jumped to action and decided that she would travel to Bhopal, if her hubby can't come to meet her! Kajol has decided to take their kids, Nyasa and Yug to Bhopal with her, so that all of them can have a family reunion.

It is surprising that the couple has managed to be married for fourteen years, especially since there was so much criticism regarding their relationship. The couple began dating in 1994, when Devgn was filming for Gundaraj. Their relationship was subject to scrutiny and criticism, because they were such an unlikely pair. They were different in their personalities, and the media was quite skeptic about how the relationship would pan out. But Devgn and Kajol had a strong relationship that, according to them, felt natural. They got married in 1999, in traditional Maharashtrian side.

The couple managed to stick with each other through thick and thin, despite all the troubles that they have been through. The media scrutiny aside, the couple actually went through a traumatic time when Kajol's first pregnancy in 2001 ended up in a miscarriage. The couple now have two children- Nysa (10) and Yug (3).

Ajay Devgn and Kajol are supposed to be two people who have highly contrasting personality. Their contrasting personality was what confused the media and the masses when they started dating. But the couple have admitted that things have never been forced between them- it was never saying “I love yous” over and over again, or even proposing marriage. They loved each other and they just accepted things as they were. This is the kind of enduring love that one would need to have for each other if they want their relationship to survive the constant attention of the media as well as their peers. Here's wishing Ajay Devgn and Kajol a happy anniversary this year and for the years to come.