Winner Gautam Gulati opens up about kissing Diandra

Gautam Gulati was declared the winner of the reality show, ‘Bigg Boss 8’ and after sharing the winning moment with his brother, Gautam spoke his heart out about his relationship with Diandra Soares, their kiss, intimacy and his alleged relationship with Sonali Raut. The 27-year-old actor said that he is not keen to take his relationship with Diandra to the next level.

"We will remain friends but I will not get into any relationship with her. I don't think that is possible and even she knows that. She is a smart girl and a good friend. We never spoke about dating on the show. "I think I was into an Emraan Hashmi zone and later realised that our kiss was not taken well outside. But my friendship with Diandra will continue," Gautam told PTI post his win.

The 'Diya Aur Baati Hum' actor also hit the headlines for his friendship with the ‘Xpose’ actress Sonali Raut. Regarding Sonali, he said, "Sonali is a very nice girl. I like her attitude. She is very daring and I like this quality in a girl. But I can only think of her as a friend and I made that clear to her as well," he said.

Gautam emerged as a winner by beating his co-contestants Karishma Tanna and Preetam Singh. "Things were stressful inside. In fact it was torture. But people outside supported me and that is why I am here today. My win is their win. I can't believe people love me this much. I am surprised and grateful to them. "All those, who were against me on the show, apologised while congratulating me. I feel that is my victory," he said.

He wanted Preetam to win, "As a friend, I wanted Pritam to win. I said this on the finale too. I always wanted to protect members of 'P3G', so I felt that if not me then Pritam should win the show," he said. 

Gautam, however, did not feel the pressure by the entry of the challengers, "I was determined after I met my brother and mother during the finale. I decided to give my 100 per cent. I did not feel any pressure during the 'Halla Bol' segment," he said.

When asked if he would keep in touch with contestant Ali Quli Mirza, who made some nasty comments about him, Gautam said, "Of course, I will. His family has apologised to me. He was also genuinely sorry about it so I thought to let it go".