William-Kate visit Taj Mahal; recreate Princess Diana’s moment

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton visited the iconic monument Taj Mahal in Agra on Saturday, 16 April, bringing a close to the British royal couple’s week-long South Asian tour.

William and Kate called the Taj Mahal “stunning” as the got the first glimpse of the monument of love. The couple spent around 45 minutes at the Taj strolling and taking in the beauty. They entered the premises at 3.40 pm and left at 4.25 for the Amar Vilas hotel where they would have dinner before flying off for Delhi at 10 pm.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recreated a late Princess Diana’s moment at the Taj during her visit in 1992. William and Kate sat side-by-side on the same bench on which William’s mother posed alone 24 years ago.

They also saw the Yamuna river which flows at the rear of the monument. However, three of the Taj Mahal's four minarets were bound in scaffolding for repairs which marred the monument’s beauty.

The royal couple was accompanied by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials during their tour of the Taj Mahal. They also appreciated the ASI for maintaining the monument but refrained from writing any comment in the visitors’ book.

William was dressed in a pair of brown trousers and a white shirt while Kate wore a white dress with blue floral patterns designed by Indo-American fashion designer Naeem Khan.

William and Kate follow a long line of royals who have visited the Taj Mahal post-Independence. Queen Elizabeth (II) with Prince Phillip came to the Taj Mahal in 1961. Prince Charles visited in 1982. But the Taj’s most famous royal visitor was late Princess Diana. The photo of her sitting alone on the marble bench with the minarets and the mausoleum in the background is still considered the most iconic depiction of the monument. She made the marble bench famous as ‘Diana seat’.