Wife Jaya warns Amitabh

On the concluding day of the Vidhu Vinod Chopra's film festival in Mumbai, Amitabh Bachchan shares a private discussion between him and Jaya. He said Jaya cautioned him about the  volatile temper of producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra after he signed Eklavya.

"When I told Jaya I was working with Vidhu Vinod Chopra, she nodded silently, which is an indicator of things to come. When the time came for me to go for outdoor shoot, I told Jaya I am going, she asked how long I will be away, I said, a month. She said, I will see you back in three days. She told me he (Chopra) abuses, shouts and screams... this is not going to suit your temperament, and that I will be back in three days," the 69-year-old actor said on a lighter note.

The festival was held to mark Chopra’s 30 years in the industry. "So that was the impression I had when I went to work with Vinod. But a day before I went for shooting, I happened to meet Priety Zinta, and she said apart from story, film and other things you will enjoy working with Vinod as he looks after his artists extremely well. I feel when an artist is comfortable in a set-up then things just work eventually and he did take good care of me," the actor said.

Big B also feels that the creative differences between an actor and a filmmaker need to be sorted out at the ground level itself instead of on sets.

"Sometimes there are creative differences. For me personally, I would rather have those creative differences at the time of hearing the story rather than on sets. I believe once you are on sets, you are committed as a professional... I will follow what the director will tell me to do, there will be no arguments, but yes there will be suggestions," he said.

"In an emotional scene in the movie, Vinod wanted my character to have his eyes moist and I thought tear should drop. However, I realised later that tear dropping would have added to the emotion. I felt Vinod was right, it was just sufficiently enough to wet the eyes but not allow it to drop," he said.

Amitabh 69 expressed his desire to work with Chopra again.

"It took 30 years for him to give me a voice-over in his film Parineeta. He is persistent and every year he used to come but finally Eklavya happened. Hope he does not take another 30 years to cast me," he said.