Ness asks Preity to give up acting

During the IPL, Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia’s split-up came as a shock for all. The duo then preferred to keep mum as why they broke-up but now the news is out that both parted away due to Preity’s filmy career. Ness Wadia wanted Preity to bid goodbye to acting after marriage but Preity was adamant to carry on with her filmy career. They had a big argument over the issue and finally ended up with the split-up.

In fact, Ness and Preity had decided to tie the knot by the end of the year and the final bomb blast when Ness put forward his proposal at the last minute. Preity is an independent person and she wanted to lead life according to her own set of rules. She does not want to get into any new relationship at the expense of her career. At first she thought Ness was joking but when she realized that he is serious; she was shocked and decided to give up her relationship instead of career.

Preity thinks that a relationship based on condition would not last long and it would be better to dump her long standing relationship with Ness Wadia before any further advancement. Though Preity has a few films in hand, she had a very promising career and wished to continue with it.