Why Aamir Khan cried after watching ‘Katti Batti’

Actor Aamir Khan who is currently busy with his upcoming film ‘Dangal’ became the target of Twitter trolls some time ago because he got emotional and could not hold back his tears. He cried at two back-to-back film screenings – ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and ‘Katti Batti’.

Aamir was spotted wiping away his tears with a big brown towel as he came out after watching the special screening of the Salman Khan starrer. His eyes again welled up while watching his nephew Imran Khan’s soon-to-release film ‘Katti Batti’ during its post production and editing.

The ‘PK’ star said the numerous jokes about him on the micro-blogging site served as a good laughter for him and he enjoyed reading them.

“I read all the jokes (on Twitter). I was reading them and laughing. I don’t remember the jokes now, but there were some really good ones. I quite enjoyed all the attention,” Aamir told Hindustan Times in an Interview recently.

“When I started watching the film (Bajrangi Bhaijaan), I didn’t have a towel or anything. But I got very emotional in the second half, so I asked my boy to get me something, and he got me that.” he said and laughed.

Speaking about Nikhil Advani’s ‘Katti Batti’, Mr Perfectionist said the movie reminded him of his own love story.

“It’s an extremely emotional and moving story about the beliefs one has in love and the extent to which one goes for those beliefs. It reminded me of moments from my own life. I am an obsessive kind, emotional… I am a sucker for Mills & Boon stories. The film reminded me of moments that I have been through that were highly romantic, intense and obsessive,” he revealed.

But the actor was not willing to disclose anything more about who or which part of his life he was talking about. He simply said, “We should not go into that. Let’s not talk about my personal life.”