Who's in Rock On?

Prachi Desai in Rock On


Prachi Desai, one more television actress' dream becomes a reality. From conservative bahu the lass has moved on to being the girl of a rock star, so will there be drugs, drinks and sex for this bahu? We doubt if the sweet and innocent Prachi will dare to do such a bold role, after all she still does want to remain the darling of the audiences.


Arjun Rampal in Rock On


Arjun Rampal, isn’t he too old to play a rock star? But hey it seems to be an old boys club, what say boys, er..we mean men of the film? Arjun Rampal was a top model before he decided to shift gears to an acting career. Well what can we say about his acting career now, from the top to the bottom is where he’s landed. Well for now he’ll have to satisfy himself by being a rock star instead of a star.


Purab Kohli in Rock On


Purab Kohli, is a VJ turned actor. Purab is better known as the lively, chatty VJ, of course he’s done a few ‘bit roles’ in films, but we can’t seem to really remember those films or roles. Well this time Purab will get to play a rockstar, hopefully this one will be more memorable than the others.


Luke Kenny in Rock On


Luke Kenny, another VJ turned actor also tries to make his presence in the film. Looks like the film is filled with wannabe actors. Remember Luke, the popular, cool dude VJ who took a long sabbatical, due to the pressures of being a VJ. Now he’s back playing the role of a rock star. With his vast knowledge of music, he seems to be the closest to a rock star amongst the entire lot of rockstars in the film.


Farhan Akhtar in Rock On


The film also stars Farhan Akhtar, now this one is rare, as we’ve heard of actors turning directors, but Farhan the director turns actor with this film. So first directing, acting and yes how could we forget singing too with this film. Well Farhan you’ve definitely done it all.