While chemo was going, we crack jokes and laugh: Sonali Bendre

On World Cancer Day, Sonali Bendre shared a heartfelt note and also shared how she took the painful chemotherapy session very easily and laughed and cracked jokes during the tough period.

In an interview with Bombay Times, the actress speaks up on her trying times with the disease. She said, “I think humour is the best way to deal with it. I laughed through it, I laughed with it. And I continue to laugh at it. There is no other way to deal with it. I think I will change my vocabulary. I remember that post-surgery, I would sometimes walk around the hospital with my chemotherapy IV in my hand, because I was bored of lying down. My friends have some funny videos of me doing all that stuff. My hair had gone and I was constantly rubbing my head. I have one of those videos, where my friend is telling me that I am constantly rubbing my head, and I turn around and tell her that I am actually dancing to Tattad Tattad. They fell down laughing. Even while the chemo was going on, we would look at videos, crack jokes and laugh. I told myself, I am spending so much of money here, so I will treat it like a holiday in NY, with a little bit of chemos thrown in. That was my way of dealing with it.”

On getting back to work, she said, “I am definitely getting back to work; I want to work every day of my life now. I don’t know what I will do, so I am leaving that open. I have realised in the last six months that if your brain is working at a fast pace and your body can’t keep up with it, then it can get really frustrating.”

On Saturday, Sonali again faced the camera and she said that the feeling is surreal. The actress shot for a brand campaign and the details are kept under wrap.

She shared a photograph on Instagram from the set. She looked vibrant as she is dressed in a casual white dress, a sleeveless denim jacket paired with funky sneakers.

Along with the photograph, Sonali wrote: "Being back on a set after a major sabbatical - one that has been testing in many ways on so many levels - is a surreal feeling

"After all this, I sort of feel an additional sense of purpose and meaning and I'm so grateful to be back in action."

She added: "I don't think words would do justice to how beautiful it feels to be back at work...to face the camera again and portray the range of emotions required. Given that my emotions have been running high for the last couple of months, it feels good to give into the emotions that the job requires."

On returning from New York, her producer husband Goldie Behl said that for now she is alright but have to frequently visit to New York for routine check-up.