Wherever Kareena goes, Saif follows

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Manish Malhotra showIt seems Saif cannot live a single moment without his Bebo. And so he follows wherever she goes. A separation of single moment appears painful for him. So he accompanies her on her shoot. He visits Bebo four days on the set of Shahrukh Khan’s Billo Barber.

In the fours days shoot, Saif has been a regular visitor on the set of Billo Barber where Kareena is playing a small part and dances with Shahrukh in the song ‘Theek Hai’ composed by Pritam. Saif has been graciously welcomed by the cast and the crew. He used to stay there until Kareena completes her shoot. Both used to leave the set together after the shooting wraps up.

Tashan failed but the couple seems least bother about their failure and soon after the release of the film they flew off to Maldives for a romantic holiday. They were recently spotted at a Mumbai restaurant with Saif’s two kids Sara and Ibrahim, having pizza together. The four made a perfect family picture. The couple has got green signal from everywhere and wedding bells may ring anytime.

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