When Sunny Leone almost strangled

Indo Canadian adult film star Sunny Leone has been in the news recently for her sensuous performance in films like Jism 2 and her provocative teasers for Ragini MMS 2. However, the actress was seriously injured while shooting for an action scene today for her next project Tina and Lolo.

Directed by Devang Dholakia, Tina and Lolo is an out and out action film, though with Sunny as a main character, an element of sensuality is almost unavoidable. Sunny had prepared thoroughly for her action packed role in the film. A source close to the actress said, “She is working really hard. It’s a full fledged action film. It will see different kind of action... and Sunny is working hard and very excited.”

It was while shooting an action sequence with Deepak Tijori that Sunny got seriously injured. Tijori is playing a villain  in the film. In a scene he is supposed to drag the actress after taking her in a headlock. The couple had practiced the scene a few times and all went well. However, when the shooting started, Tijori got a little carried away and grabbed Sunny tighter than necessary around the neck. Sunny was supposed to walk along to lessen the pressure, but she also mistimed her cue. As a result, the actress was almost strangled. The timely call of Cut by the action director saved Sunny from further injury.

Realizing his mistake, Tijori later apologized to Sunny who made light of the incident despite her evident pain. Tijori told the press, “Sunny was managing to walk through during the rehearsals. However, during the take, I guess she lost her balance due to my aggression and this mishap took place.” 

This is not the first time that Sunny has sustained an injury while shooting for this particular film. She had hurt herself last November on a stunt for this film where she had to vault over a car to land on a villain. She was raised over the car with a harness, but she landed awkwardly and her ribs felt the full force of the action extra’s knee. She was left in agony and a bruised rib. However, she continued to shoot without rest despite her injury at that time also.

Tina and Lolo is an action packed film starring Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna. Modeled rather like Charlie’s Angels, it is the story of two rough and tough girls who fight the villains.