When SRK’s wedding ring went missing

Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan never separate from their wedding ring. They always keep it stick to their finger. But Shahrukh Khan almost went red and did not know what to do when his wedding ring slipped off from his finger while shooting for sci-fiction ‘Ra.One’. As it was reported earlier, Shahrukh Khan had lost huge amount of weight due to excessive sweating. King Khan sweats so excessively due to a specially designed suit which he wore for a long period for his role in ‘Ra.One’.

On this suit, he cannot had enough food and also sweat in an air-conditioned room. He lost so much weight that his wedding ring got slipped off from his finger. Talking about the incident, SRK revealed, “Need to feed my face more than I have been. Today my wedding ring nearly slipped and fell through”.

Today, SRK looked so weak and ill that Mr. Bachchan advised him to take proper care of himself and not to neglect his health due to work pressure.