When Shahrukh Khan walked barefoot at Ambani’s bash

Paparazzi captured a very interesting picture of superstar Shahrukh Khan. At Mukesh Ambani’s Ganesh Chaturthi festival, King Khan was spotted walking bare foot. No, Shahrukh Khan did not intentionally make this bare move; by mistake he left his shoes.

It all happened like this, after he arrived at the bash, he headed to seek Ganpati blessings. He took off his shoes and after seeking the blessing of Bappa, he forgot to put on his shoes and clicked wearing barefoot.

After Ganpati darshan, he started mingling with the guests and forgot that he did not put on his shoes.

When the star’s assistant discovered that he was barefoot, he immediately went to search for it but found nowhere. Soon the news spread like a fire in the jungle that Shahrukh Khan lost his shoes. Even Aakash Ambani went for shoe hunt.

He called Khan to ask about the whereabouts of the missing shoes. At last, Shahrukh Khan himself went to search for it and finally he got it.

Finally, after some hearty conversation with the guests, he left the party but thankfully with shoes on.
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