When Shahrukh gave Salman sleepless nights

Yet again, Salman Khan has mentioned another celebrity figure's name on Bigg Boss with whom he is not longer in talking terms. Yes, you guess it right; it is none other than his thick rival Shahrukh Khan.  Sallu has named Shahrukh Khan in the reality show, ‘Bigg Boss 7’ while narrating an incident to the contestants. When discussing which contestants on Bigg Boss snores really loudly, he narrates an incident when he lost his sleep due to Shahrukh Khan’s excessive snoring.

Salman stated on the show, “While shooting for Karan Arjun (1995), Shah Rukh, Sohail, Bunty Walia, Sushil (a friend) and I were together in the room. Shah Rukh dozed off and started snoring. At first, we found it funny and started to laugh. But at about 3 am, we wondered what to do. We then slowly pushed him off the bed. He woke up, lost his sleep and we ended up sleeping really well.” Ahem.

This is not the first time Salman Khan made a reference to those people who were his close friends at one point of time. First, he mentioned Katrina Kaif’s name then Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and now Shahrukh Khan.

The question is whether Sallu is taking all those names for publicity of the show or it is just a co-incidence. He mentioned Kat’s name when he compared Elli Avram’s Hindi with Katrina. The next he referred Aishwarya’s name while comparing her beauty with Shilpa Agnihotri and now he mentioned his thick rival Shahrukh Khan on Bigg Boss 7.

Recently, Salman and Shahrukh hugged at an event and all thought it was a beginning of the end of age old enmity but Sallu spilled water over the gracious hug by saying that the embrace was the call of the moment and nothing should be made out of it. Salman said, “It was the month of Ramzan and if you are passing by all the guests at the Iftaar and you don't greet one then you are not being human.”

He further said, “Agar kisi se problem hai toh ussey kaam se maaro, jaise abhi abhi ek maar ke gaya hai.(if you have a problem with somebody, beat him with your work, like the one did recently).”

Sallu and SRK had good relation but at the birthday party of Katrina few years back, the two had a fight and since then they are not in talking terms. Before this incidence, the two superstars have worked together in a couple of movies.

Well, we really hope the two reigning Khans of Bollywood patch up quickly.