When Salman looked into Shahrukh’s eyes

Well, the rivalry between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan is an old chapter which gets repeated time and again. The more the duo tries to avoid each other, situation brings them together and they are bounded to cross paths. When the veteran actor Rajesh Khanna passed away, Salman waited in his car until Shahrukh left. The duo always avoids coming face to face but situation persist them to see eye to eye.

Something similar happened at ace filmmaker Yash Chopra’s funeral. Shahrukh Khan who is very close to Chopra’s family remained throughout with them. He was throughout with his family lending them the moral support. Among many dignitaries and celebrities of film industry, Salman Khan who worked with YRF ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ also came to pay his last respect to Yash Chopra. When he entered, he saw Shahrukh sitting near Pamela Chopra.

An insider informs, “Yashji’s wife Pamela was sitting near his body along with Shah Rukh. That’s when Salman walked in. And then their eyes met!” Sallu apparently went rather stiff at seeing SRK next to the grieving widow. “Thank God for Katrina Kaif, who stepped forward and escorted him to meet Pamela. By then, SRK had moved from his spot and got busy with his iPad.” 

Katrina intervened and saved the situation. Shahrukh and Salman’s rivalry dates long back when Sallu celebrated Katrina’s birthday. Ever since, they did not share pleasantries and also did not exchange words.