When Salman Hugged Katrina

Salman Khan Hugs Katrina Kaif on Dus Ka Dum


Salman and Katrina finally seem to be coming out in the open with their relationship which was evident when Sallu warmly hugged Katz on Dus Ka Dum. Salman and Katz have always maintained a silence about their relationship, but Katz has stood by her man during tough times proving her undying love for him. As for Sallu he has asserted himself quite publicly, at cafes, parties etc.


Salman Khan Hugs Katrina Kaif on Dus Ka Dum


Katz who was miffed with her beau for recently getting into a spat with SRK at her birthday has obviously forgiven Sallu, once again. Katz seems to be extremely forgiving when it comes to Sallu, but no doubt she’ll also need a lot of patience, understanding and maturity to deal with Sallu in the future.


Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif at Dus Ka Dum


Salman was testing Katz, no dears not her love for him, but her knowledge on the show. While Salman played the perfect professor quite nautrally, Katz played the perfectly obedient student, on the show of course. Katz had an extremely demure look on the show; she donned a homely, simple salwar as she obviously didn’t want to bring out the other side of Salman.


Salman Khan on Dus Ka DUm


Salman seems to be extremely happy with Kat’s success, on the show of course. But is he really happy with the success of Katz’s career? Katz has had several hits and all of them thanks to Akshay Kumar. So what does Salman think of that? Would he like to have a hit too, at Akshay? Or is he saying "I am the real King", not Akki or SRK?