When Ranbir Kapoor lost his virginity

No sooner the Kapoor lad, Ranbir Kapoor stepped into Bollywood; he drew all the limelight. His on-screen chemistry with his co-stars and off-screen love with beautiful Deepika Padukone had been a juicy topic of discussion. After Saawariya, girls dreamt to have a boyfriend like Ranbir. Recently, when he posed for the world famous magazine 'GQ', it sold like a hot cake as he had made some stunning revelations.

Ranbir not only graced the magazine by posing in a cool manner but also made it hugely popular by disclosing some hidden facts about his life. He confessed about doing some mischievous things during teenage. He in his own admission says "There was marijuana, there was alcohol, I started smoking cigarettes". To one's surprise, he revealed that around 15 years old, he lost his virginity.

Apart from films, Ranbir’s shocking revelation has made the magazine quite interesting and worthy reading.