When Pooja threw Kabir Bedi and new mom out of her flat

Kabir Bedi has distanced himself from his daughter Pooja Bedi after the former got married to his long time partner Parveen Dusanj, quietly in Alibaug on January 11 and announced it on January 16 at his 70th birthday bash. Post the marriage announcement, Pooja Bedi slammed Parveen, calling her new mother a wicked witch. The venomous comment of his daughter did not go well with Mr Bedi and he lashes out his daughter.

Pooja described her new mom as the evil stepmother of her fairy tale, but deleted the tweet 12 hours later." The tweet was an attempt at humour and to share my pain. Later, I decided to keep things positive," she explained.

She revealed she'd tried to reach out to her dad many times: "Financial, emotional or personal issues should be sorted out through communication. Parveen has driven a wedge between a father and a daughter. Friends and family have told me that till she is in the picture, I'll never be able to reconcile with my dad."

In 2013, Pooja reportedly thrown out Kabir and Parveen from their Juhu apartment after which the couple rented a three BHK in the vicinity. Speaking to Mirror from Canada (October 23, 2013) Kabir had describing Pooja as "evil, conniving, disapproving of Parveen and even disrespectful towards her"

"I love my dad unconditionally and have nothing against him.There were some personal issues which have aggravated because of the animosity between Parveen and me," admits Pooja. "I miss my mother. She was amazing, 90 per cent of who I am today is because of her upbringing. Had she been alive, a fall out between my father and me would never have happened. "

Kabir Bedi first married to Protima. They had two children, Pooja and the late Siddharth who committed suicide in 1997 at the age of 26. The couple divorced for Kabir’s alleged love affair with Parveen Babi. He then wed British-born fashion designer Susan Humphreys. Their son, Adam, attended Kabir and Parveen's wedding and the next day, he was spotted lunching with Pooja on 'sibling day'. After Susan, Kabir married TV and radio presenter Nikki Bedi. They couple divorced in 2005.