When Malaika Arora Khan’s choli slipped!

Malaika Arora Khan is known for her impeccable style of dressing and of course her sizzling moves. From ‘Chhaiyan Chhaiyan’ to ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ the lady has established herself as one of the most talented dancers in the film industry. What she did recently at her dancer performance added great humor to the show. The sixth season of the famous reality show ‘India’s Got Talent’ has started. Malaika was to perform and there she was – in a dazzling green outfit. She amazed the audience with her moves on ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ and all was well – until a shocking wardrobe malfunction! And the malfunction was a big one as her choli got unstrung as while she danced energetically.

Then Malaika realized what had happened and quickly ran inside to adjust her dress. But this wasn’t all and she was to startle the audience yet again. Karan Johar and Kirron Kher sat in awe as Malaika came within two minutes from back stage and wore a white dress this time. Everyone was surprised how she had been lightning fast in changing the outfit. It was then revealed that the one dancing wasn’t Malaika at all! It had been her look alike performing on the stage and the malfunction was deliberate to add some fun to the event.

Judges Kirron Kher, Karan Johar and Malaika Arora are ready to take the audience on an amazing journey featuring talents from all corners of the nation. The reality show was graced with the presence of Akshay Kumar who left the audience dazed as he performed an incredible stunt. Khiladi Kumar gave a performance in a seven foot deep tank! A lucky contestant Jaydeep Goel was joined by Akshay who shook his leg on ‘Chinta ta chita chita’.

Akshay shared his excitement – “When I was young, this industry gave me the chance to do all of those things that I had only dreamt about. And even though it's been so many years, my greed for adventure is still not satisfied. That’s why I want to try on everything that comes my way. I really appreciate Jaydeep’s innovative style.” While the contestant Jaydeep Goel says, “I have been rehearsing underwater for years, so I was worried when someone who had never enclosed himself in a water tank before wanted to try it out. But Akshay Kumar told me backstage that he has done a few stunts underwater and could hold his breath for a long time.”