When Katrina Kaif lost her cool

Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif is the only actress in the tinselville who is associated with topmost company. Kat is the brand ambassador of many top brands and she is the hot favorite of advertisers. They give to her demand happily but during a recent soap ad shoot, Kat lost her cool when the director demands more from her. The director wanted Katrina Kaif to play a seductress inside a bath-tub which the actress did not agree at all.

A source associated with the ad informs, "Since it was a soap ad, Katrina was required to shoot for her scenes inside a bath tub. Despite giving several shots, the director didn't think Kat was emoting the right 'seductive' expressions. He requested her to try once more."

The source further added, "All hell broke lose after that with the actress even apparently issuing a warning to the director to not "push the envelope". Katrina Kaif was cordial with everyone on the sets. However, after the director made his request, Kat lost it. Post this, the crew decided to stay mum on the issue and proceeded to wrap up the shoot at the earliest."