When Harman, Priyanka meet again

Harman and Priyanka's love relationship was short-lived. Before it could flourish and bloom, it met with its end. The break-up neither affect Priyanka nor Harman and they moved on in life. Though at first Harman was little heartbreak with the separation, he finally accepted the decision of destiny and remained stable. When he again happened to meet Priyanka on the set of Ashutosh Gowariker What's your Rashee? he remained calm and reacted casually.

When Harman was asked how comfortable he is on working with Priyanka again after the split-up, he answered, "Whether we were together or not, I don't think our work can ever get affected. We're thorough profess- ionals about this. We've been great friends and we still are."

In fact our source informs that though they are no more together, they are quite normal on the set. Harman is not at all feeling awkward working with his ex lady and finds Priyanka a wonderful co-star. "It was fabulous working with her earlier. It's fabulous now. I don't think personal relationships should affect work", he concludes.