When Bipasha kissed Deepika

Bipasha and Deepika's impromptu gesture has left everyone with wide open eyes. The ladies had clearly passed a strong signal to shun speaking any sort of rivalry between them. In the presence of media and Bachna Ae Haseeno staff, Bipasha and Deepika hugged and kissed each other, therefore bringing down all sort of wrong speculations about their animosity. "Now that we’ve kissed we hope the press stops making us look like enemies," said Deepika while Bips affirmed her statement.

Ranbir and director Siddharth Anand had a loud laugh over the two ladies affection. To catch two ladies kissing is a rare moment for the media and the press conference turned out to be fruitful in every angle. Though Deepika is Ranbir’s true love, it was Bips who could explore the chemistry with Ranbir on-screen. Speaking about her smooching scene with Ranbir, Bips said, "I threw out everybody except for Siddharth and my makeup person while that scene was being shot! It’s okay if you need to kiss your boyfriend onscreen but a stranger! It was extremely difficult!"

While Ranbir quipped with a smile, "I dropped my towel in Saawariya, kissed three girls in Bachna... I guess I am quite shameless on camera!"