When baby Ranbir peed upon Hrithik!

Not much has been known about the strong bonding between the Roshan and the Kapoor family except that Hrithik Roshan adores Ranbir Kapoor a lot. Hrithik’s fondness for Ranbir has been revealed by Hrithik himself in an interview. He shared some special moment with us about his childhood and let the cat out of the bag when he looked after baby Ranbir. 

Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor share a warm vibes which dates years back. The two families are very close and during holidays they used to go for outings. When their parents had their own time, Hrithik used to look after the small Ranbir. He used to play with him and also control him when he does some naughty. Hrithik revealed that as a child Ranbir was a crybaby. Hrithik also revealed the funny incident that during one baby-sitting session, Ranbir even peed upon him.

From Hrithik we came to know that the two families share a great camaraderie.