When Ash lost her baggage at the airport

If a celebrity like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan loses her baggage then it is obvious that the situation becomes panic for those related to the incident. While traveling from Delhi to Chennai, Aishwarya lost her baggage. When she landed at the Chennai airport, the passengers were informed that the airport authority missed to load the bags of the passengers in the flight. The airport authority accepted their fault and assured the passenger that their belongings would be handed over to them soon.

But what tensed Aishwarya Rai Bachhan the most was that all her stuffs are in her bags which she has decided to wear for the event in Chennai. She traveled in a track suit from Delhi to Chennai and obviously if she attends the function in a track suit, she would dishearten her fans. Ash instead of losing her temper, she reacted calmly. Her manager immediately arranged clothes for the event. They shopped designer clothes and matching accessories for the event.

When Aishwarya arrived at the event, her fans went berserk looking at the most beautiful lady, they appreciated her looks with least knowledge what she has gone though to impress them.