When Aishwarya lost her cool

Very often we heard that when film stars call up press conference to talk about their new flick, they are flooded with controversial questions more than their films. Recently, Ash was also caught in such similar situation when she was all out to promote her new flick, ‘Robot’. More than her multicrore project ‘Robot’ with Rajinikanth, Ash was asked about her experience on working with Salman Khan and about ‘Dabangg’ success.

The actress replied all the odd questions calmly and did not lose her cool but when media crossed their limit by asking bizarre and personal questions, she heated up and burst out at the media persons. Here is a sample of the interview,

Q: What are you going to give Mr Bachchan on his birthday on October 11?

A: We are here for the promotion of 'Robot'. Can we talk about Robot now and other questions later?

Q: But you will not be available later?

A: You guys will catch me anywhere. I have one more film 'Guzarish' coming up after this.

Ash who is media friendly and hardly lost her cool reacted strongly when media tried to invade her privacy by asking personal questions.