When Aayushmann Khurana got eight tight slaps

Actresses are often seen being hesitant and shy about on screen love making scenes. But the case here is completely different as this newcomer actress was nervous for an act that most people would do quite easily.  Bhumi Pednekar is making her acting debut with the Aayushmann Khurana starrer ‘Dum Laga ke Haisha’. All that Bhumi was asked to do was to plant a tight slap on Aatushmann’s face- for the filming of course. But the actress found this part hard to play. She eventually gave a satisfactory performance, but only after poor Aayushmann had eight slaps!

Bhumi Pednekar is making her acting debut with the Aayushmann Khurana starrer ‘Dum Laga ke Haisha’. As a source reported, one of the scenes demanded Bhumi to be in a high tempered mood. She was then required to slap Ayushmann right on his face. When the scene started filming, Bhumi was seen quite anxious about the shot. She was very hesitant about slapping the actor. As the source reported, “It was an interesting scene which was being shot. Bhumi was asked to give Ayushmann a real slap so that it looks right on screen. But to get it right we had to do some retake.”

Every time she went forward to slap him, the timing of the slap went wrong. As a result, there were 7 takes in total- each one with Aayushmann having to bear the blow! The actor was finally tired, though he was in a humorous mood and joked that Bhumi was doing it on purpose just to enjoy hitting him. As the cast and crew saw, the actor’s ear had turned soar and red from this constant action.

Aayushmann then had a series conversation with the actress, about the ‘slappy’ shot, and made her comfortable so she could perform smoothly. Then Bhumi spent 15 minutes alone to calm down her nerves. She finally gave the 8th shot and the director got just the right the performance he needed from Bhumi.

The Sharat Katariya film ‘Dum Laga ke Haisha’ is ready to hit the screens on 27th this month. The debutant Bhumi would be seen as a character called Sandhya, whereas Aayushmann would play Prem Prakash Tiwari. It is a Yash Raj Films production and it has been reported that Bhumi Pednekar has signed a three film contract with the production house. It would be interesting to see how this newcomer breaks the stereotype of slim figured actresses and play a challenging role in this upcoming film.