When Aamir Khan burst into tears

Aamir Khan the perfectionist shares one thing common with tennis star Roger Federer. Aamir like Roger cry on win. As Federer could not hold his tears after winning any title, Aamir too bursts into tears when any of his film does well at the box office.

On sharing the same habit, Aamir wrote on his blog, “Federer finally wins the French Open. Am so happy for him. Sampras says he is the best ever tennis player in history. I’m not sure if there is such a thing. Quite frankly each of the leading players of their time were equally difficult to beat. Borg, Sampras himself, not to mention Laver. But he is certainly the only one to cry like a baby each times he wins a final!!! Thats one thing I share in common with him. I cry like hell each time any of my films do well, but I also cry when they don't”.

Roger Federer cried when he won the French open recently after beating Robin Soderling in the final and Aamir too cries when his films hit or flop at the box office.